Saturday, June 23, 2012

Back to Reading

The other day I was out shopping, and was making a purchase at a furniture store. The lady asked me what I did for a living (you know making small talk). And I said I write/edit/review books. She was so excited, like she just won the jack pot. And all of a sudden starts asking all these questions about what kind of books I read and thankfully when I said I mostly deal in urban fantasy, she knew what I was talking about. Seriously, a ton of people have no idea what I am referring to when I say that, not even in light of all the movies and really successful series out there. So then she starts talking about her favorite authors, and she moves past the urban fantasy/paranormal world into some other authors she likes. And all of sudden I start feeling like I missing out on a whole world of books out there. I mean I haven't picked up a non-fantasy/paranormal book (with the exception of writing reference books or guides) in so long. I miss those books. I miss expanding my horizons. I miss the breath of fresh air every time I find a book in another genre I really like. The sad thing is that I have an entire tote filled with what I call "non-genre" books that are just waiting to be read. Every once in a while B&N has a clearance and I go crazy, I buy 20 at once and then never get around to reading them. So my goal for this year is to finally make a big dent in the books I haven't read, and hopefully find some inspiration in the process. After all reading never gets old.


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