Saturday, June 23, 2012

Back to Reading

The other day I was out shopping, and was making a purchase at a furniture store. The lady asked me what I did for a living (you know making small talk). And I said I write/edit/review books. She was so excited, like she just won the jack pot. And all of a sudden starts asking all these questions about what kind of books I read and thankfully when I said I mostly deal in urban fantasy, she knew what I was talking about. Seriously, a ton of people have no idea what I am referring to when I say that, not even in light of all the movies and really successful series out there. So then she starts talking about her favorite authors, and she moves past the urban fantasy/paranormal world into some other authors she likes. And all of sudden I start feeling like I missing out on a whole world of books out there. I mean I haven't picked up a non-fantasy/paranormal book (with the exception of writing reference books or guides) in so long. I miss those books. I miss expanding my horizons. I miss the breath of fresh air every time I find a book in another genre I really like. The sad thing is that I have an entire tote filled with what I call "non-genre" books that are just waiting to be read. Every once in a while B&N has a clearance and I go crazy, I buy 20 at once and then never get around to reading them. So my goal for this year is to finally make a big dent in the books I haven't read, and hopefully find some inspiration in the process. After all reading never gets old.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So since I really started focusing on being in the publishing world I have found a couple of small presses that I really enjoyed and dreamed of working with. I was so lucky to have found Crescent Moon Press and to have the opportunity to work for them as an editor. It has been a really amazing learning experience, and something I hope I am only getting better at.

For the first time since I started editing as a real job I feel really comfortable, and that I could really take on more work from other presses. I was hired by eXtasy books to work for them as a freelance editor. It's definitely a new experience since I personally have never written or read a lot of books that are heavy on the "romantic" elements. I believe it's actually one of my week points in my own writing. So by taking on projects with them I am hoping to broaden my horizons as well as learn to be a better editor and writer.

When I started putting out inquiries for jobs freelancing, there was on publishing house I really wanted to work with. I have heard really amazing things about Samhain and so when I put out an inquiry I was really expecting a "thanks for the interest but we aren't looking for anyone right now". I was so wrong. The editing test process is more extensive that any other publishing house I have submitted one for, and I was so nervous when I was putting together my application package. I want to get it right. The job would be amazing. There is a lot more freedom with them than with some of the other publishing houses, which is something I am looking forward to.

I truly believe that I am a novice at the publishing industry. I do a couple of things really well. But I have a lot to learn. I used to be one of those people who thought I knew everything and no one could teach me anything. But from the minute I decided I wanted the written word to be my entire life I have known this is going to be a journey filled with a lot of learning and a lot of missteps. I think so far I have done a great job at not making too many mistakes (or at least small ones), and the ones I have made I have learned from. The people in this business are so amazing and welcoming, and I love learning from each and every one of them that comes by way.

I really hope I get the gig at Samhain and that I can learn even more about this business and how to be successful. Fingers crossed!

Monday, June 11, 2012


So today was my big meeting with the tax people. Basically being a freelance editor makes me an independent contractor. And there are a lot of rules about deductions and believe it or not home office rules. Apparently if I deduct my home office as an expense then I can't have anything in the room that isn't office related. Meaning no mail, personal finance, etc. But I can deduct the cost of any conference I go to and any travel it takes to get there as long as I am using the conference as a way to promote myself as an editor.

On the plus side when I showed her the book I made of all my invoices and receipts she was really impressed and said it was perfect and to just keep doing that. And I don't have to file quarterly, all I have to do is put 30% aside in a separate account and then when it is tax time I will already have the money set aside for myself. So I am going to call that a win in my book.

I think I am going to look for some books about taxes and being an independent contracter just so that I can do some more research for myself.

The only research book I have been reading lately is The Joy of Writing Sex, which is actually pretty interesting. The beginning is all about the history of sex in books, and the opinions of authors who write sex in their books. I am just now getting to the parts about the important components in writing sex into books, so hopefully I will learn something. Especially since I am now an editor for eXtasy books in addition to Crescent Moon Press.

More to come later!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Freelance Editing

So I am revamping this site to be purely about all things author and publishing related. So here is where I am at right now. I am starting to really pick up with my editing career. I am editing several books at once now, which is both enjoyable and really fun because I get to learn more about my craft from others own experiences.

I have also decided to stop reviewing books that are self-published. I have to admit it was a hard decision to make. I wish I had more time, but reviews are not a way for me to make money, they are really just something I enjoyed doing. And while I would love to review every book that comes my way from a self-published author, I simply do not have the time if I want to make a living editing books and actually get my own book written. It's hard to find time for all three. So when it came time for me to cut one out of my life, I went for the reviews. I will still be reviewing books I read, and I read a lot, they are just going to be books I have bought that never got around to reading because I was so bogged down with review requests. I will say I am going to finish reviewing all the books I have in my que I will just no longer be accepting new requests.

I've starting being a lot more productive during the day so I hope to start splitting my day in half, the morning to writing my own work (most likely until I reach a certain word count) and then moving on to editing work. I do happen to enjoy both things pretty equally so hopefully this will be something I can enjoy and want to consider pursuing for years to come.

The more and more I become immersed in the world of publishing the more I find I like it. Sure there are downfalls, and things that not everyone is going to agree with, but it's a small group of people who in general I really enjoy meeting and working with. I wish I could be at RWA nationals this year, but alas I will have to wait until 2013 in Atlanta.

Anyway I will be trying to keep this updated at least once every week. So let's hope I can manage this! I woud like to have a running record of how things are going in my career via this blog. So let's get to writing!