Thursday, June 7, 2012

Freelance Editing

So I am revamping this site to be purely about all things author and publishing related. So here is where I am at right now. I am starting to really pick up with my editing career. I am editing several books at once now, which is both enjoyable and really fun because I get to learn more about my craft from others own experiences.

I have also decided to stop reviewing books that are self-published. I have to admit it was a hard decision to make. I wish I had more time, but reviews are not a way for me to make money, they are really just something I enjoyed doing. And while I would love to review every book that comes my way from a self-published author, I simply do not have the time if I want to make a living editing books and actually get my own book written. It's hard to find time for all three. So when it came time for me to cut one out of my life, I went for the reviews. I will still be reviewing books I read, and I read a lot, they are just going to be books I have bought that never got around to reading because I was so bogged down with review requests. I will say I am going to finish reviewing all the books I have in my que I will just no longer be accepting new requests.

I've starting being a lot more productive during the day so I hope to start splitting my day in half, the morning to writing my own work (most likely until I reach a certain word count) and then moving on to editing work. I do happen to enjoy both things pretty equally so hopefully this will be something I can enjoy and want to consider pursuing for years to come.

The more and more I become immersed in the world of publishing the more I find I like it. Sure there are downfalls, and things that not everyone is going to agree with, but it's a small group of people who in general I really enjoy meeting and working with. I wish I could be at RWA nationals this year, but alas I will have to wait until 2013 in Atlanta.

Anyway I will be trying to keep this updated at least once every week. So let's hope I can manage this! I woud like to have a running record of how things are going in my career via this blog. So let's get to writing!


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